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Website Terms and Conditions 

Migrate ME Experts provides a large number of data, information, Blogs regarding products and services via Company Official Website. By looking at our company website, you agree with our terms and conditions as mentioned below, which is registered under Global Education & Marketing Solutions PTY.LTD

Important Note: Migrate Me Experts can close your visit to our website any time without giving any notice.

Migrate Me Experts rights:

Our company website owned and run by Migrate Me Experts Pty Ltd. All the information provided on our company website is the property of Migrate Me Experts Pty Ltd and are secured by copyright laws of Australia and worldwide by the applicable copyright laws. As a client, you can install, print and view copy of the information from the website on your computer for personal, non-commercial use or any purpose. Any information published on Migrate Me Experts Pty Ltd website either full or small portion of it cannot be updated, republished, reproduced, posted and uploaded without written confirmation from Migrate Me Experts Pty Ltd. Such type of information can be strictly prohibited and their usage can break copyright and some other laws.

Communication through Website:

As mentioned in our privacy policy, any communications from you on our website regarding all the products and services will be taken non-proprietary and non-confidential. Any information, comments or any other information that you shared on Migrate Me Experts Pty Ltd, with respect to our products and services will be deemed. You also agreed that any comments posted by you in regards to communication or for any purpose should be legal under all laws and regulations. You agree that usage of any information on company website should not mislead, harass, threaten and done any other harmful activity to anyone.


Migrate Me Experts Pty Ltd have right to check your communication on our website anytime, make sure that you do not comply with our terms and conditions. Migrate Me Experts Pty Ltd will not be responsible for any comment, feedback or any other post you made on the website and break any rules and regulation under any law. Migrate Me Expert Pty Ltd can share the identity of the person as per court order if needed, who communicate on our company website. It is the responsibility of the person to check our privacy policy before posting any comments, feedback on website. You are also advisable to review privacy policy, terms and conditions before you conduct any transactions on our website.

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